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BW Group Ltd is a registered Cameroon-based tech company with principal objective to propose reliable and sustainable solutions to societal problems through research and development projects while rendering high class quality engineering solutions and ICT services to local and international markets. BW Group Ltd started in 2013 under the brand name BW Technologies, one of its current divisions focusing on provision of diverse IT solutions, cloud engineering, and Software development. BW Group Ltd still maintained the two main divisions: BW Technologies (an innovative solutions provider) specialized in engineering business consulting in the IT world and BW Labs (an R&D center for innovative solutions) specialized in research and development of solution to societal problems using optimal methods and recent technologies. At BW we bring the best of scientific thought, management, and engineering expertise with a reputation for independence and objectivity.

Our Expertise

We solve your technology problems by our awesome services. We build systems using web-based technologies and provide quality products to our clients through Agile Development process.

Our Mission

Our complete focus is on providing our clients with the most optimal, cost-effective and robust solutions, which boost up the increase in the returns and productivity of their businesses and becoming a service provider of choice for our every client by outperforming our direct competition in the quality, efficiency and diversity of the services we offer.

Our Quality

Use modern project management and system development models that guarantee high quality.

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BW Team
a fusion of talents

BW is known for great people who deliver insight, innovation, and impact to clients through trust, professionalism, excellence, and collaboration. We are committed to building great systems for our clients, providing great solutions for our industry and building a great company.

Chief Software Architect {CEO & Co-Founder BW}

Holder of an MEng. Degree in Computer Engineering, Mr. Brinard is a researcher in Big Data Analytics at Post Graduate School (Ecole Doctorale) of the University of Yaounde 1. He is a Software Architect and a Lecturer of Software Engineering at the University of Buea in Cameroon. He also has a profound understanding and mastery of computer systems design. His career has taken him from computer engineering to handle various web technologies (PHP, Java EE, NodeJS, HTTPS, API, distributed systems, etc.); This makes him an essential resource person in any software development project and IT system design in general, and web applications in particular.

Business Intelligence Manager

He holds an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering. Through a unique blend of exceptional organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to deliver results in a fast-paced, ambiguous and extremely challenging environment, he is also the CEO and Co-founder of ENDPARC Technologies. He has also worked as an internet marketer at Carson Services USA and He is a business intelligence consultant at Raltech Engineering.

Technical Director {CTO BW}

JOSE is Computer Engineer and a researcher in Master Data Management at the post graduate school of the University of Yaounde 1. He is an excellent information system analyst, with particular focus in Digital Content Management and ICT Teaching Techniques. He creates strategic goals to meet up with system development in the company. He equally ensures the adequate optimal use of corporate resources for the production of services and satisfaction of customers’ demands